Automate The Schools, or ATS, is an important tool in creating and managing your ESL program and keeping track of your ELL students. You may be familiar with using ATS for attendance and facilities information, but you can also use ATS to run reports that:

  • Generate a list of any student in your school with a LAB-R or NYSESLAT score;
  • List all students' home languages; and
  • Tell you how many years of service your ELL students have had

For a list of the commonly used reports in ATS and their codes, you can reference this document or visit and scroll down to "ATS Codes."

You will want to become familiar with the ATS reports and their codes so that you can accurately check for and update your list of the current ELL students in your school. While this is important to do at the beginning of the year, you should continue to check ATS and update your list until your school has closed enrollment for the year. These lists can also be used to track your students's LAB-R and NYSESLAT data so that you can track your ELLs' progress.

For more information in interpreting LAB-R and NYSESLAT scores, visit the Interpreting LAB-R and NYSESLAT Data page.