Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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The ELL Consortium

ELL Identification

A student was never formally identified, but should be receiving ELL services. What should the school do?

The school should first check the RLAT report on ATS to determine if the student was ever administered the LAB-R. If it was not administered, the student needs to be administered the LAB-R in order to determine what services she/he is eligible to receive. Be sure to update the results on ATS.

Instruction for ELLs

Testing and Accomodations for ELLs

Which ATS report is used to determine how many spring 2012 NYSESLAT tests to order?

The ATS report RLER generates a list of all eligible students at the school that should be administered the NYSESLAT based on their home language. Deadline for ordering 2012 NYSESLAT is December 2, 2011 through SED’s Portal