This page is intended to provide a list of available websites that can assist teachers with their pedagogy, lesson planning, and resources for students. While the ELL Consortium does not sponsor or endorse any site listed, the Consortium strives to provide teachers with information about available resources.


You know that your ELL students need robust instruction and meaningful learning experiences, but how do you provide that for them? These links provide you with ideas for crafting your pedagogy and instructional methods and strategies:

ASCD – “Best Practices for Adolescent ELLs” by Judith Rance-Roney provides a look at who our adolescent ELLs are and what strategies have been shown to help teach them more effectively:

Benchmark Education – Although Benchmark is a curriculum developer, this site also features resources and best practices to assist teachers in planning for reading and writing instruction with ELLs. The site is mostly geared toward K-8 students:

Colorín Colorado – A bilingual website for families and educators of ELLs. It has information parents can use to help children become good readers and successful students. The website also has a section for teachers of ELLs:

Everything ESL – A blog created by Judie Haynes, an ESL teacher from New Jersey, who has more than 30 years of teaching experience. The site features articles about teaching ELLs, as well as best practices and ideas for lessons:

The Help! Kit – A Resource Guide for Elementary and Secondary Teachers – Teachers can access resource guides with practical, research-based advice on teaching, evaluating, and nurturing ELL students:

Marshall Memo - This weekly roundup of important ideas and research in K-12 education, presented an article from the The Principal's Research Review in September 2010 with the latest ideas for "Boosting Middle and High School ELL's Achievement".

NYSUT – Educational Resources for English Language Learners – This site lists a variety of websites, books and articles, online resources, and webinar links for ESL teachers:

Reading Rockets - is a national multimedia project offering information and resources on how children learn to read and how caring adults (teachers, family members, and mentors) can help:

Teaching Diverse Learners – Created as a part of the Education Alliance at Brown University, this site aims to help teachers of ELL students by providing research-based teaching strategies and resources.

The Teaching of Language Arts to LEPs/ELLs – A Resource Guide for All Teachers – A resource guide that provides educators with background information about the history and development of ESL instruction, as well as information on teaching ELLs and working with families:

Vocabulary Development – Increasing ELL students' access to basic and academic vocabulary is critical and necessary for their ultimate academic success. The following articles and websites provide information on teaching vocabulary to ELL students:

US Department of Education Effective Literacy & English Language Instruction for English Learners in the Elementary Grades – Provides instructional strategies for teaching ELLs from the federal Department of Education:

Lesson Planning

Now that you have read up on instructional methodology for ELL students, you may be looking for specific resources to help you with planning lessons. The following links provide some example resources:

Larry Ferlazzo – Mr. Ferlazzo is an English and Social Studies teacher in Sacramento, California. His website has numerous resources, links, and teaching ideas for teachers of ELL students:

Learning Point Associates – This site offers advice on using technology to enhance literacy instruction, and addressing literacy needs in culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms:

Lesson Writer – Helps you adapt reading passages for readers at different levels. Also includes enrichment questions and activities after the passage based on students reading levels (can also be customized by the teacher):

Ms. Hurley’s ESL – Developed by a New Jersey teacher, this website offers ESL teachers a variety of resources, teaching strategies, and has links to homework-help websites for students:

NYS Learning Standards for English as a Second Language – A link to the New York State Education Department’s grade-level standards for ESL: or

PBS Teachers – Teachers can find resources, PD and products by grade level & content area:

Rubi Star - A site where teachers can create custom rubrics: – A project by the Southern Poverty Law Center that provides ideas and resources for teaching students about different cultures:

Word Frequency Cloud – Allows teachers to type in reading passages and see the frequency with which each word appears:

Word Lists – Access various word lists to help your studnets learn sight words and content vocabulary:

Resources for Students

Incorporating technology into the classroom is a practice many teachers strive to improve upon. These resources can be useful for students as instructional enrichment, to practice and build on previously taught concepts, or for homework help:

ESL Party Land – A site designed for older students that has high-interest articles, games, and activities:

Random House – A site where kids can play educational games with their favorite characters (like Junie B. Jonees) and find out information about their favorite authors and new books:

PBS Kids – Students can play educational games with their favorite PBS characters:

Visual Thesaurus – Uses web diagrams to show students connections between words:;