Under 2002's No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), Title III was established to help ensure that English Language Learner and immigrant students are supported in their schools and can attain English proficiency and master content area standards. To this end, Title III provides schools with funding to provide and implement such rigorous, supportive instructional programs.

Schools can apply to see if they are eligible to receive Title III funding to support their ELL students. Generally (thought this number may change) a school must have at least 60 ELL students to be eligible for Title III funds. Schools that do not on their own have enough ELLs to qualify for funding can join together with other schools to create a consortium and apply for funding.


2011-2012 Title III Application (appears within the Consolidated Application for all title programs): NY State Title III Application

2011-2012 Guidance Document for completing the Title III Application: NY State Title III Guidance

2011-2012 Title III Allocations for NY State: NY State Title III Allocations 2011-12